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When I was a little boy, I used to live in Java Island and my Dad, a heavy coffee drinker/lover, used to take the family to Bali. At Kuta Beach, he would often sit on the beach chair, with his hips pressed on the sand, his feet buried in the sand. Beams of sunlight would pass through the palm trees and turn his face radiant. While he enjoyed soaking in the beauty of the vast ocean, we played football on the white sand. When he was about to sip his coffee, he always made sure to smell the aroma of the coffee. There was this strange custom of nodding the head before he took a sip, and he muttered “AAahh!” after each sip. On one occasion, I teased him for drinking that sediment at the bottom of the black coffee. Thoroughly enjoying his drink, he said: “it’s nice to taste the flavour of it, isn’t”? He expressed how lucky we were to be able to have a lot of good coffee and so many nice beaches to visit. Amiably, every time I am enjoying my morning dose of coffee, I’m reminded of golden beaches in Bali. I’m thrilled to provide you with more great coffee from that corner of the world.

About Logo

A native Bali jungle Cat, called Civet or Luwak in Indonesian, inspired this logo of ours. The civet cat design was used for logo purposes only, since that cat is such an amazing animal that produces the most expensive in the world. Coffee is created in the intestines of the Asian palm civet, a type of cat scientifically known as the Paradoxurus hermaphrodites, civet coffee constitutes of the defecated coffee beans that the palm civet eats and partially digests in its intestines. The fermentation process of this organic coffee bean takes place inside the intestines and two important aspects are responsible for the improved quality of coffee that Kopi luwak stands for. These two aspects include selection, in the sense that the civet cats choose to eat only ripe types of coffee cherries and the process of digestion, which implies the chemical and biological mechanisms taking place in the palm civet’s digestive tract, providing this coffee variety with its unique taste and appeal.
With the help of our logo image, we aim to raise awareness regarding these brilliant creatures who are responsible for the creation of the Kopi luwak. We hope our image is successful in making people realize how these creatures look like, gain more information regarding them, so that those who are fortunate enough to live near these wonderful felines are able to take care of these beauties, treat them with respect, and keep them in good health. We believe that since it is a jungle cat, they should live in a wild sustainable livelihood and that Kopi luwak should be produced only and only if the source material, which is the poop of the civet cat, is obtained from the wild. It is our duty as humans to be kind towards the nature that gives us so much and the organic coffee making cats are a prime example of such a gift nature has provided to us.
Although, here at Nubali, we do not sell Kopi luwak as of yet, we have created this logo to raise awareness regarding this majestic Bali wild cat, and urge business owners who rely on civet cats to produce Kopi luwak, to treat them kindly and humanely. We hope that our logo can persuade business owners to allow these cats to live a happy and safe life, while they help the different businesses relying on them with the creation of delicious and organic Kopi luwak. If we happen to sell Kopi Luwak in the future, Nubali Coffee will make sure to release a clear statement in that regard.